Alright as the title says, I need to get the Bendix Front Brake pads for my Honda civic 2009 VTI-L Sedan 1.8L. So long story short, I have done a bunch of research on internet and there are couples of threads in this Forum discussing about this as well but so far no one had any confirmation. I asked some seller on ebay and apparently they give me 2 parts number for the car: DB1515 and DB1393, I have tried to compare them with my current pads ones but they are really really similar. Personally when comparing 2 of those, I am leaning toward 1515 and nearly went out buying it but I double checked Bendix website and it made me confused now.

On Bendix website: under models "CIVIC (2005 - 2012) [FD, FA] 1.8 {103 kW} FWD Sedan [FD, FA]" which is likely to be my Civic, the compatible is DB1393, and the DB1515 is suitable for "CIVIC (2000 - 2006) [ES] 1.7 (EU3) {85 kW} FWD Sedan [ES]" which is clearly not my car. If you could give me some advise that would be greatly appreciated.

And here are my current brake pads taken from the car:

And also, how was your experience with Bendix pads? I have always used Genuine Honda but they are so over price that I am digging around DIY for it this time. Thank you for your time.