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Thread: Brake switch

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    Brake switch

    Hi all,
    My 2002 Odyssey started have a problem where the transmission shifter was locked when in the park position and wouldn't release to shift to any other selection. This was intermittent and of course affected the brake lights too.
    I found the brake light switch was the culprit so instead of paying an expensive price, I disassembled it and cleaned the contacts to get it working again.

    Now that's all good but it raises a question.
    You see, the switch has 4 pins.... 2 pins for contacts in the normally closed position to operate the brake lights when the pedal is pressed. (They were intermittent).
    and 2 pins for contacts in the normally open position. These contacts make when the pedal is released but in my switch they made no contact at all (until I cleaned it) and has prob been that way for a while.
    The question is : What are these normally open contacts for ? ....
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    probably cruse control

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECU-MAN View Post
    probably cruse control
    Yeah maybe but cruise has always worked

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    Hmmm looks like you might be right.
    I was able to download the service manual for an older Odyssey and it shows the other terminals are for the cruise control.

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