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    Question Car doesn't start sometimes HELP!

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has came across this problem of their car not starting at random times very intermittently, say every few weeks or sometimes 1-2 months.
    Usually when the car has been sitting for long periods; starting work or finishing work.

    So I would turn the key and nothing happens, kind of like a flat battery, no crank, just a click (from the starter i think).
    After holding the key in the cranking position it would then give an engine light (code 8:TDC) so thinking it was that, I replaced the dizzy and still the same thing happens.
    Then usually about 10 minutes later, it would magically work again.
    The car sometimes has a 1-3 sec pause before the car actually cranks, don't know if its related.

    There is no flashing green key, the fuel pump still primes.
    Tested alternator and have a pretty new battery, starter motor has been replaced ~1.5 years ago with aftermarket though, but this could be the culprit I've been told.
    Tested for any inconsistency with my alarm/immobilizer and even tried another ecu, still no luck.

    This has been happening for like almost a year now and I've gotten the shits haha.
    Every mechanic i've been to has never experienced this and they can't diagnose it as it happens so irregularly.

    The next thing I'm going to test is the ignition switch as I've run out of ideas lol.
    Does anyone know if dc2r ignition switch are all the same as any integras or does it have to be from a dc2r? (car is dc2r btw)

    -Car doesn't start intermittently, no crank
    -Throws engine light, TDC, changed dizzy, same thing
    -Anyone experienced something similar? Any ideas?
    -Are all ignition switch the same for integra DC2?

    Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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    The fact that it doesn't even crank on occasion is an indication that it is likely nothing to do with the ignition circuit.

    Is you engine grounding wire/s bolted down solid (ground strap on transmission).
    Starter motor bolted on solid?
    Assuming that you do in fact hear the starter solenoid click but no crank means it's either a power to the starter motor issue (either the power feed where it bolts to the starter solenoid or the power link between starter solenoid and starter motor as power is passed through), or a grounding issue, or an actual starter motor fault.

    Regardless of any other problems this is the first step. Report back.
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