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    no vtec with hondata vtec with apexi?

    Hey guys, i have just recently finished a 94 OBD1 b18c2 swap into my 99 ek1 hatch.
    Using an ek4 harness.
    Ive got a p28 chipped with hondata s300 ecu, also using a jumper from OBD2a - OBD1.
    Now car runs fine, ive uploaded the jdm p72 base map on hondata. I get the o2 sensor fault and knock sensor fault. I disable both through hondata.
    But vtec wont engage.
    But when i go to use my apexi power fc ecu vtec engages perfectly fine..
    So i know my wiring is correct..
    Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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    Check your VTS wiring from A4 of the ECU to the solenoid, ensure you have continuity, make sure the Apexi is not wired into the VTS in any way

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