I have power steering fluid leaking out of the (front) rack boot on my '88 4WS Si (305 K km). I wanted to get a wheel alignment (its pulling a little to the left but not wearing tyres or anything). The local mechanic (Orange NSW) who replaced the drive shafts suggested that the rack was ready for a reconditioning before I got the alignment. I called up a mob called "Mr Racks" in Sydney and he quoted me around $320-350 to do up the rack if I brought it to him, which seemed pretty good. Then I mentioned it was a 4WS and he said, "oh, that would be more expensive, like $500".
I have never pulled one apart but i'm assuming its a seals + bushes job - my question is the front rack on a 4WS any different to a 2WS apart from the extra PTO for the rear, in which case maybe 1 extra seal? Why the price difference, is he taking me for a ride?