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    GD3 - how to access retract motor for power mirror?

    So I have a 2007 GD3 with CVT. The motor that retracts the passenger mirror has started spinning continuously whenever the ignition is on. The mirror doesn't move. Pushing the retract button makes no difference. It's really loud and annoying.

    I opened the passenger mirror by pulling the mirror off from the bottom, unscrewed and removed the inner casing, and took some photos.

    I think the retract motor is inside the black assembly in the second photo. But I can't access all sides of the black assembly while the outer casing is on, and I can't work out how to get the outer casing off, because it's held on by a screw whose head points downwards directly above the stem of the mirror (third photo - just to the left of the grey cylinder). I can't see how I can get a screwdriver onto that screw without removing the mirror from its neck, and I don't think I can remove the mirror from its neck without removing the neck from the car.

    I really, really hope I don't have to remove the entire passenger door liner and then remove the mirror from the car just to access the retract motor, due to very bad design decisions by Honda???

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    Bruva a new 2nd hand one will cost you $50 at wreckers and yes you have to remove the door card to install another mirror.

    Its very simple to remove the door card on Honda's. I think there are two screws one on the handle that opens the door and one on the arm rest. Rest is clipped on. Then remove the wire for the auto window switches and dont forget to unhook the lock latch at the back. Seriously will take like 5 minutes or less to remove the door card.

    Dont bother fixing that motor when a whole replacement part can be had for this cheap and would take 5 minutes to swap it in.

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