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    Cool Will a Right Hand side master window switch work on the Australian version LH

    ok This is my problem.

    One of button on the master window switch in my 2010 accord is broken hence I cant wind up/down the driver side window. A new switch costs $311 from the dealer, second hand ones from some wreckers in oz cost between $180 to $130. However I have found on Ebay new switches for around $50, obviously these are not originals products from Honda but according to the reviews they do work ok, the only problem is they are for Right hand driver cars, hence my question, do you guy think a RH master switch works on a LH hand side car?

    The connector on both switches are exactly the same, the only thing that changes is the 2 top buttons with are swapped around.

    What do you guys think?
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    I would not expect the plug and wiring into the Door Multiplex Control Unit to be different in the LHD and RHD versions. Hondas of a similar era also share these parts like this.

    I only have manuals for up to 2008 but it mentions this line about the control unit
    NOTE: LHD type is shown, RHD type is similar.
    I'll take that as a confirmation.

    You might need to reset the unit if you replace it. This is the procedure in the CL9:

    Resetting the power window is required after performing repairs to the power windows system or if the auto function fails to operate.

    1. Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

    2. Move the driver's window all the way down by using the driver's switch; when the window reaches the bottom, hold the driver's window switch in the DOWN position for 2 seconds.

    3. Move the driver's window all the way up without stopping by using the driver's switch, when the window reaches the top, hold the driver's window switch in the UP position for 2 seconds.
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    Great. Thanks for your help Richard.

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