Hi all!

Have had to turn to the knowledge base in the forums finally as I do try to learn and solve a lot of issues myself.

I've owned my 06 civic 1.8 (UK spec) for 6 months and it developed the problem relatively early on after purchase.

Initially I have no indicators flash upon unlocking the car.
I have no indicator function, horn, brake lights, cruise control or trip computer function at all.
I could sit for 5-10 mins idling then the abs/vsa lights come on. I could drive a mile, could drive 10 and then they come on with still no function.

Again, could drive as mentioned and everything will work randomly or sometimes it seems if I hit enough bumps or potholes they come to life!

The ABS/VSA lights stay on even when everything is functional again until I restart the car, everything works as it should.

I put on the hazards and when driving they will flicker and I can hear the buzzing of the relay trying to stay on, I find this after going over uneven roads which makes me think it could be electrical?

I replaced the wheel sensor after getting it diagnosed but wasn't willing to leave it under diagnosis for the other problems lol as I could barely afford the initial diagnosis.

My battery died over the weekend and my scan tool literally just got delivered so not looked into it properly again.
The initial problems do still persist, I don't know if I have to reset the abs codes etc.

I thought the issues were possibly related to the wheel sensor, I can see why myself or anyone else would think this but it seems not.

If anyone could suggest or advise anything it'd be greatly appreciated, even where to start working from the bottom up so to speak.

Thanks for your time!