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    Ever been smoked by a Gli? or even a GL? wanted the DOHC VTEC POWER but couldnt afford a genuine EG6? Well heres how u can make ur very own DOHC VTEC powered veichle.

    Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and neither myself nor Ozhonda take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!

    Aim: To chage ur engine and make ur car go WOOAAGGHH!!
    * this conversion should b done by people who know how to use tools :P


    1x91-95 breeze
    1xEG6 half cut (that should have most of the parts u need)
    1xEFI fuel rails (off any EFI EG)
    1xEFI fuel tank (off any EFI EG)

    Tools u need
    10-25mm sockets and ratchet (a must)
    AIR gun and compressor ( if u have it it's good )

    Rear LCA's off EG5 or even better EG6 with sway bars
    Rear disc brakes (highly advisable)
    Engine hoist (very easy to lift out the engine)
    lot of good mates ( thanks guyz who helped out *specially ben*)
    New fluids ENGINE oil Brake fluid power steering fluid
    Hydro jack and jack stands ( very usefull better than using the standard OEM honda car jack


    well this is a bit easy. just open the bonnet of ur poor d13b engine and just strip it out first the carby and then work your way down untill the engine is by it self. disconnect the power sterring lines brake lines fuel lines ETC ETC
    take out the brakes the cross member and strip it totally.
    strip the dash.(Start with the steering wheel and then the dash speedo
    and remove the bolts from the side of the dash)

    *NOTE* Take the stereo out first. and DO NOT CUT THE BLACK ANTENNA LINE a lil hard to install later on


    Well after that you attack the EG6 half cut Just like stripping the breeze
    *NOTE* take fotos of your step and where everything goes (can get lost sumtimes) DO NOT CUT OR DAMAGE ANY OF THE EG6 PARTS WIRING ETC ETC


    well the engine should b ready and sitting on the hoist and the EG6 and the EG3 chassis should b all stripped. Re install everything from the EG6
    Master cylinder, engine, power sterring,EG6 brakes, the cross member
    wiring etc etc


    Well u should have everything in the engine bay all sorted out
    compare the engine and the parts in the EG3 with the fotos of the EG6 and see if any parts r wrong
    Now were going to install the New fuel tank
    first u get under the car and loosen the bolt and the clamp holding the fuel tank
    loosen the bolts holding the two metal straps and it should come out
    Now install the EFi tank in reverse order
    now unbolt the fuel rails underneath and replace it with the EFI rails
    *NOTE* Do Not purchase any damaged rails. as i didnt know this and it cost me 600 bucks for new brake rails custom made


    Everything should b in place now. hook up the EFI fuel tank wiring. Under the seat you'll see the fuel tank. The wire is a yellow wire
    now install the dash reverse order of taking it out
    Turn the key to the On position see if all electronic's r working and check if the fuel pump is working ( should make a electrical sound when u trun the key to the on position)


    Change the fluids of the engine and new sprak plugs (it's better for a car to run on new stuff than oil and fluids that were sitting for 6 or more months)
    Install the rear brakes and the rear Lower Control Arms+ sway bar)
    Install all the lil JDM goodness as well front lip JDM CLIMATE UNIT CLOCK etc


    Start the car and the car should fireup.
    Once it fires up let it idle for about 5-10 mins or so to get warmed up
    and walah~~~ur done
    *Note* take the car to your friendly mechanic and get it all checked out if it's done properly. and get a full service.
    *Note* It's a good idea to drain all the fluids b4 u do the conversion

    *COST* all in AUD

    1.EG6 half cut 2600AUD from wreckers
    2.EFI fuel tank and Rails 200 from wreckers
    3.Si rear LCA 100 from wreckers
    4.Rear DISC 300 from wreckers
    5.FLUIDS 100 max depeds what u use

    Time taken

    Took me 3months to get it on the road again
    using spare time. Getting stuck etc etc Research
    but normally should take less than 2 weeks

    Ok now Girls and Boyz
    ENJOY THE VTEC and the power of the MIGHTY B16a
    this new car of yours will b able to beat Stock ITR's and even lightly modded ITR's
    Team Bacchus Racing Lexus ISF
    Bacchus Energy drink
    Drive your Energy

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