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    Do you have to get things like a new header k20/k24 hybrid engineered?

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    yes. it is emissions related.
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    I have one question if its legal in one state and i move to another state and change rego over does it still mean its going to be legal or do i have to remodify to make it legal? and if its not and i dont change my rego over and get pulled over do i still come under my state rego law or the states law im in?
    oh in regards to the CF panels my engineer told me it comes under fibreglass section in body mods link:

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    Has anyone had any experience with WA laws and Mod Guidelines? More specifically with whether permits are legally required for CAI w/ pod, exhaust (full kit) and full body kit. The Dept. of transport website for WA is pretty vaigue and has a lot of links to pages and pages of crap which is still over complicated and vaigue.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LaZaZaL89 View Post
    Just bumping this thread a bit...

    But the latest guidlines for "light" vehicle modifications can be found here...

    was looking at it a while ago and thought I should post it...
    Thanks, very helpful

    JDM/Mugen inspired EK sedan build thread:

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