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  1. DIY swapping stock s/wheel to aftermarket one for civic/integra/etc
  2. request on how to install springs for civic/integra/etc
  3. respraying steelies.
  4. stereo install ek4
  5. request a DIY for short ram intake
  7. custom ported fibreglass stereo install
  8. request for mini me conversion
  9. diy tinting?
  10. Intake Manifold Install - DC2
  11. Stripping EG Interior
  12. How to Polish your car properly?
  13. how to remove drivers side guard
  14. JDM weathershield install
  15. Flip-Flop Boot
  16. Engine Wire Tuck!!!!!
  17. General Service
  18. taking parts off..eg civic hatch
  19. oil filter changer
  20. DIY install rear strut on EK sedan or EM/EJ??
  21. repair SONAR halo lights??!?!
  22. door trims
  23. DIY install bolt on extractors
  24. [DIY] Full Car Re-spray
  25. how to change a fuel filter
  26. cusco coilovers that hondar sold on special
  27. how to install CARBON FIBRE hood
  28. Fuel Pressure regulator
  29. how to install bonnet pins on cf hood.
  30. Js racing intake
  31. Dc2 side mouldings
  32. How To Install Alarm
  33. Shaving Side mouldings
  34. request:Pedal installation
  35. DIY:gearbox removal
  36. is there a dyi thread for installin king springs?
  37. DIY:fog light wiring.
  38. Bleaching Da9 Tail Lights
  39. A-pillar for EF civic
  40. DIY request: C pillar bar install
  41. dc2 vtir wing
  42. [Request DIY] Changing Head Gasket
  43. [Request DIY] removing a 2003 honda civic head unit....
  44. [ REQUEST DIY GUIDE ] Autometer Tacho install
  45. [request] Fuel Pump Install
  46. AFR(Air/Fuel Ratio) Installation
  47. Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Installation
  48. How to Install New Low temp Thermostat
  49. removing headunit from EK sedan
  50. DIY engine rebuild
  51. DC2 Window Rattle DIY
  52. DIY CTR headlights
  53. dc2 side strip removal
  54. DIY TPS Sensor Removal
  55. how to install CD player
  56. HOW TO: install an ITR brace to GSi
  57. HOW TO: install autogauge AFM gauge to dc2/4
  58. DIY - Painting stock side skirts...
  59. Request: Replacing Air Con Belt
  60. B18c Ek1
  61. DIY Interior Painting
  62. diy engine bay wire tuck??
  63. installing a c-pilar on a EG hatch?
  64. Changing springs on dc2 integra vtir????
  65. DIY polished lip
  66. How to remove centre console (hazzard and a/c buttons) on dc2 ?
  67. Painting brake calipers?
  68. DIY 2006 Civic door panel removal
  69. Custom Air Box in DA9
  70. EG2 Crx - Fixing Door Latch
  71. ek headlight black housing
  72. Scissor door hinge
  73. DIY Head Gasket removal/seal
  74. where can i get nighthawk black spray?
  75. rubber window seals
  76. removing angel eye headlight plastic cover
  77. front bar replacement for Da9 integra
  78. removing rear wing of ek4
  79. installing E68 Twin Air Intake on a Jazz
  80. thermostat install ek
  81. [Request: DIY] Pivot Stablisers
  82. cluster
  83. carby cleaner
  84. DIY Panel beating
  85. >>>hid Install On Dcr???<<<
  86. Rear Drum Brake Shoes and Slave Cylinders
  87. Can i install alarm by myself??
  88. Remove parcel shelf from 97 civic sedan
  89. DIY - how to open up doors to Fix CENTRAL LOCKING.
  90. Request: Transmission Oil Change
  91. [request] ek window visor instal
  92. DC2 Door trim removal
  93. DIY Civic EG headlight installation
  94. Anyone Got A Diy On How To Strip Interior On Eg Civic?
  95. Anyone Got A Diy On How To Strip Interior On Eg Civic?
  96. da9 integra custom air box
  97. Help installing a spoon cf spoiler for eg civic
  98. Ek rear sway bar install
  99. Relocating the battery to Boot
  100. How to remove/replace Parker Lights in a 98' Accord V6 Luxury?
  101. request : headlight tints
  102. tinting rear lights DIY?
  103. Request: Painting Calipers
  104. Request: INstalling rear tail lights
  105. REQUEST: Adjusting Ignition Timing
  106. Remove front sides + install
  107. Removing B16a Head
  108. Hood and boot seals
  109. Neon Install to DC2 Boot (under parcel shelf)
  110. DIY: changing rear spoiler with brake light
  111. replace new window seals.. drivers side plastic seals
  112. request: a diy for cd rear lip on da9
  113. eg6 foglight wiring
  114. DIY head unit install
  115. re: False Floors HOW TO
  116. DIY removing intake manifold D16
  117. Chassis quater cut?
  118. Relocating A/C Condenser and Radiator Fan
  119. repair fibreglass body kit
  120. Request: DIY repainting your rocket cover:D
  121. DC5 Altezza tail light install
  122. REquest: Splicing EK1 Angel eye headlights
  123. 85 Prelude Abs Problems
  124. door insert help
  125. HELP: Audio install on euro 2005 ?
  126. How to change my rear lights into these
  127. scissor doors
  128. brake calipper rebuild
  129. window visor
  130. Black railing thing!
  131. B Series Intake Spacer Install
  132. removing Aircon from ek
  133. Removing AirCon cluster and Cluster on EG5
  134. respraying rim white
  135. Neon with a switch
  136. DIY Request: RIMS repair
  137. applying touch up paint
  138. remote central locking
  139. DIY antenna install
  140. Removing and Fitting Oil Sumps
  141. Rust Removal
  142. how to fit a CAI ( short ram intake or cold air intake) into an EG
  143. Request DIY for FD2 CUSCO strut brace install
  144. Request DIY install fog lights... help!
  145. Request for DIY Catback Installation
  146. DIY Request: Fuel Pump Installation
  147. REQUEST [DIY] subwoofer install for Civic FD
  148. ETD engine torque damper
  149. eg tail lights
  150. Request DIY for replacing rear bumper on DC5R
  151. dc5 head unit
  152. DIT request: mugen grille installation FD1 civic
  153. Tuck the ABS fuse box thingy??
  154. DIY request for changing rear brake shoes
  155. EOI Crazy Full Glass EG project EG
  156. changing springs for dc2
  157. removing front and rear bar
  158. DIY Request: Degreeing camshafts.
  159. DIY: HID install request!
  160. Replacing central locking actuators
  161. Loose seats
  162. Prelude Carpet/metal foot wells?
  163. Changing Auto Transmission Fluid in Civic EK
  164. Help Removin Air Con Cluster on DC5
  165. Custom flooring
  166. Ek Altezza - Chrome -to- Black
  167. Request DIY cold air feed for dc2 vtir
  168. DIY: An automatic shifter like this? (Hummer)
  169. mini me
  170. Fixing dents, using bog and preping for paint?
  171. How to CORRECTLY paint rubber moulds
  172. DIY request: Front Red Honda for DC5
  173. disassemble recaro
  174. Request: How to change Engine oil in FD Civic
  175. Where can I go???
  176. vtec light for JDMb18c and CV joint for Prelude93 Si
  177. Request - Helpful Hints and Tips for DIY coilovers
  178. REQUEST how to clean you intake pod filter
  179. closed.
  180. REQUEST: How to make brushed metal effect and paint over it!
  181. Request for info RE: Valve Stem Seal Replacement
  182. request, how to clear barriers on headlight lens!
  183. REQ how to remove FD1 gear knob
  184. How to take off EG dash?
  185. cai install : pcv
  186. Philips Vision Plus vs Power2Night Review Request
  187. Fitting Fog lights
  188. how to DIY rims
  189. Installation of Cusco Oil catch can
  190. Where/ How to ground/earth Engine, manifold, alternator etc
  191. removing stickers ( without damage )
  192. Request: DIY Repainting section of Rear bar
  193. DIY request : how to take out back seats on a eg!
  194. request: how to colour plastics.
  195. DIY: Windows & Coilovers.
  196. Colaborating the Voltages on the TPS
  197. [DIY] Integra DC2 Carpet Removal
  198. DIY Request: Accord CD5 Short Shifter
  199. DIY Request: How to clean inside of the ek1 headlight
  200. DIY REQUEST: Removing rear Bumper bar of a civic coupe (ej8)
  201. Heavy Duty clutch install on EK
  202. DIY Request/Help Finding: Saggy bumper fix
  203. how to Clean/degrease down engine bay safely
  204. DIY REQUEST:Install OIL TEMP Gauge and Vacuum Gauge?
  205. Diy request!
  206. DIY REQUEST - How to remove steering wheel with airbag ??
  207. DIY Request - Front Tow Hook
  209. DIY REQUEST - Slave cylinder check
  210. DIY REQUEST - Installing new tweeters in DC5R dash
  211. DIY REQUEST - Install king super low on EG hatch
  212. ...........................................
  213. DIY REQUEST - How to Remove EG Centre Console
  214. DIY request remove high mount brake light
  215. DIY request-coilover springs into dc4
  216. ...........................................
  217. boot install for 4th gen prelude
  218. DIY request - fix burnt/bald carpet
  219. DIY REQUEST - how to install coilovers on ek
  220. DIY Request: Painting Wet CF Panels
  221. DIY REQUEST: Stripping paint off a spoiler
  222. DIY Request: DC2R/DC5R Rear Seats into EG hatch!!
  223. [DIY Request] how to take off door trims in a dc4 ?
  224. [DIY Request] Adjusting S2000 head lights
  225. DIY request amber indicators for ek
  226. [DIY Request] Changing Climate Control Lights in a Civic EK
  227. DIY request- removing trim to access 12v power on Euro CU2
  228. DIY request: HID install for EK1 96 civic CXI
  229. DIY Request: Removing EG Hatch Mirrors + Door handles
  230. DIY Request: Removing the EK mid-spoiler
  231. DIY Retrim/Upholster Steering Wheel
  232. How to change the bulbs in a 04 Jazz's spotlights
  233. REQUEST: How to change wheel bolts?
  234. DIY - installation of foglights on EK/EM civic.
  235. DIY REQUEST: how to install voltage gauge
  236. [DIY REQUEST] Seatbelt installment
  237. changing front grill on facelifted ek1
  238. DIY Request hid installation cl9
  239. [DIY REQUEST] Fog Lights into Ek1
  240. DIY: shaved mouldings
  241. [DIY REQUEST] how to remove dc2r side skirts
  242. how to wrap headers?
  243. DIY request, civic EG 4dr body kit installtion guide
  244. Civic EG 4dr Sedan central locking
  245. DIY request - basic car servicing @home
  246. 1.2L Civic 1978 4spd - any 5spd conversions?
  247. DIY Request: Sand calipers down a bit for wheels to clear
  248. DIY Request - Colour coding EK door handles
  249. DIY REQUEST putting on a front lip on a 96 EK hatch
  250. spraying rocker cover