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    Difference between clutch fluid, transmission fluid, gearbox oil

    Hi can someone tell me the difference between clutch fluid, transmission oil and gearbox oil.

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    clutch and brake fluids are mostly same.
    transmission and gearbox are same, just make sure you use the correct manual/auto.

    get them from honda

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    Your clutch fluid is a gold yellow colour which is the same as ur brake fluid if you choose to use genuine honda fluids

    Your transmission oil will be a pink colour f its an auto....and will b a brown colour if its a manual and called Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF)
    Make sure when u get the fluid u know ur car is manual or automatic.

    U need Clutch fluid to allow a smooth clutch in your car for lubrication etc..
    And the transmission/gearbox oil Fluid is for smooth gear changes

    Make sure you get your fluids from honda...don't go alternative products..hondas can be sensitive with there fluid
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