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    FAQ / Usefull threads - READ FIRST!

    Ok we were collecting quite a few stickies so here is a link to all of them

    Just to provide some background info. Post any specific question in the Technical forum. Some explanations are linked to external sites, so all credit is given to them.

    Honda specific
    1. Online Shop manuals
    2. How to install a Camshaft (SOHC)
    4. Diagnosing ECU Problems/Codes

    General information
    1. Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
    How ABS works (See How brakes work for more info)
    2. Camshafts
    How Camshafts work
    3. Engines
    Working of the 4 stroke internal cumbustion engine.
    4. VTEC
    VTEC function and operation
    5. Differentials
    6. Dyno Drivetrain Loss
    Dyno Drivetrain Loss
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    Other good threads:

    TODA Vs CTR Cams
    VTEC and what it does
    Simplified engine info writeup - *NOOB BRAIN FOOD* !!!
    Problem with your engine ? Poor running ? Check here first !
    Automotive Glossary
    Suspension Technical Definitions
    Sway Bar / Camber fitting
    Wheel Weights
    Swaybars function/explanation
    Basics of Clutch Operation
    HP/kW convertor
    Online Service Manuals
    Gearbox and clutch FAQ / Troubleshooting
    DIY ECU test
    Basic Car maintenance (a few pointers) - What to change and how to do it when you service your car.
    Best way to jack up a (lowered) car
    Timing belt out a tooth - After installing a new timing belt
    Fuel Economy FAQ - How to workoud your fuel economy and suggestions on how to improve it
    Honda EPC - Honda (Europe) Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)
    Basic Car maintenance (A few pointers) - Service 'suggestions' and intervals.
    Why use a block guard? - Explains what a Block guard is etc
    Air tools - What air compressor (rating etc) to get as well as which brand of tools are 'best'.
    Gear Ratio For the Everyday "Street Racer" - "A spreadsheet that gives you the option to see your speed in KMPH at high RPm in a large range of cars and Gearboxes, with variables such as Tire size Gearbox swaps rim size and so and on"

    Vehicle Rules for NSW
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    *added another very useful thread*

    Be-all end-all discussion and mini database of alot of relevant D and B series info , sourced from teh mighty old school FF-squad.

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    Another semi-useful thingy.

    Lots of Honda engine details...power / torque / displacement figures etc.

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    ANother useful website.....for all those DIY guys like myself.

    Basically online workshop manuals for ALL hondas. Plus more. Great to refer to...

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